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Server Rules

Post  #KT#YosemiteSam on Tue Sep 23, 2008 9:48 pm

The following rules apply in our public server not following these gaming rules will lead to being kicked from the server

1. No Jumping in Battle
This includes across doorways,around corners, jumping to dodge being shot and while shooting, Its quite simple use skill
2. NO GL/RPG or C4
These are deemed as skill less weapons and for the noobs of the gaming community, get ya kit strap ya boots on and learn to "RUN N GUN"
3. No Martydom
This is the lowest of the low who want to get these lame tactless kills,die like a man
4. No glitching
Don't use areas of the maps that are not accessable by easy means or shooting from places that you can't get shot
5. NO Rooftops
Get in the grass and move ya as*, Most roofs are glitches where you can see and no one can see you so don't use them

Failure to comply to these rules WILL lead to being removed from the server,


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